Pixalive is your perfect pick for enjoying the power of visual storytelling. Available on Google Play Store, this application renders you bountiful of features that gives you the feel of being the ruler/queen of the social media world. Some of the key salient features of the application are:-

Profile Creation

Creating an account on Pixalive is as easy as pie. You either create a new account using your email address or simply log in via your Facebook or Google+ credentials.

Home Feed

Home Feed is the place where you can see all the visual content shared by the people you have connected on the platform along with yours. Apart from the posts, there are two main tabs on the screen, i.e., ‘Following’ and ‘For me’. While the former shows the content created by the people you followed, the later tab highlights the activities performed on your posts.

Add a Post

You can upload and share different forms of content on Pixalive - photos, videos, text, and audio. Besides sharing the best of your moments in the form these visual content, you can also add a voice note of maximum 10 seconds to each post, hashtags to increase the probability of your post search, and location to share where you clicked that picture (by default, it will pick your current location). Also, note that these posts will be automatically deleted after a duration of one week.


In this section, you can see all the visual content that’s trending on the app, based on factors like country, text, image, video, audio, people, and hashtag. That implies you can see what image, text, video, audio, or hashtag is trending on the app, along with having a sneak peek of which country or people is adding most of the posts on the app. You can tap on the statistics shared and perform further microinteractions: follow, report, hide, and share.


If you find a mind blowing post, you can appreciate the user by giving a star, adding a comment, or sharing the post. While the star and comment action will keep you on the same screen, sharing action will deliver a pop-screen showing Facebook, WhatsApp, and other mediums as an option for sharing the post.

Management Team

Rajasekar Sundaresan Founder & CEO
Murali Sundaresan Director
Sathya Sivakumar Director