Post Your Live Data for 7 Days

This would allow us to post the live data and would be there for 7 days containing following and for me functionality.

Following would display the person whom you are following and would give the access to see the post for 7 days.

For me, would display the likes , comments & share which has been done by your following persons.

Explore Trending People, Place and Tags

It would give the option to explore trending people, trending country, trending text, trending voice, trending video, trending hashtag & trending picture etc.

It would be based on the top rank, recent posts, most popular, maximum followers etc.


It is all about creating post slide in stories as a way to drive traffic back to Pixalive feed.

It would give the accessibility for photos, videos, voice note, and text.

In addition to this, the functionality of voice note makes the app more vibrant and different from others as it gives the option to split the video into slots after 5 seconds.

Be First On Country & Regions

It would be based on the top ranking system, more posts by the users and number of users.

The maximum post and the maximum users would help country to lead and be at the top of everything.


It gives the access to like, share, comment, add a voice note & see the follower`s numbers.

Swipe Up: User can view the other unread post on the same screen.

Swipe Left: User will be able to view the Profile details of that user, who posted that feed/post.


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